BBM Mod V2.7.0.21 Terbaru

Download Aplikasi BBM Mod V2.7.0.21 Terbaru - pada kesempatan kali ini admin Donwnload Aplikasi akan membagikan sebuah aplikasi yang sangat populer dikalangan saat ini. nama aplikasi ini adalah BBM Mod Apk. untuk yang kali ini admin akan membagikan BBM Mod ini dengan versi terbarunya yaitu BBM Mod v2.7.0.21 yang sudah dilengkapi dengan beberapa fitur keren dan menarik. Berikut beberapa kumpulan BBM Mod Terbaru :

BBM Mod V2.7.0.21 Terbaru
What's New:
  • Customize your PIN*
  • Remove Ads*
  • Android Wear support
  • Share photos directly in group chats
  • New square chat bubble with rounded D's and R's
  • Channel improvements
  • Send multiple photos to a contact
  • Picture previews are larger making them easier to view
  • In-chat playback of voice notes
  • *Requires monthly subscription
What's New:
  • Simple and Minimal Features
  • New Icon
  • New Chat Bubble
  • Not Clone
  • Not Enable / Disable the Enter key
  • Not Private Mode
  • Notifications flickering (Always)
  • Refresh Mi-BBM
  • Hide Show Sponsored
BBM Mod V2.7.0.21 Terbaru
What's New:
Immediately feel alone. For bugs, I have not tried, because of the official version is also still bugs.

BBM Mod V2.7.0.21
What's New:
  • Autorotation
  • Move to SD Card
  • Running Text PM
  • Refresh/ Reload BBM
  • Change Font from SD Card
  • Custom Font and Emoticon
  • Private Mode
  • Hide and Show Sponsored Content
  • Dual Mode Action bar
  • Time Banner Settings.
  • Add Kartu Tanda Anggota
  • Switch Enter key
  • Special Ads on Featured Channel
BBM Mod V2.7.0.21
What's New On BBM+:
  • Custom Pin (Subscription)
  • Background The menu follows the battery charge
  • Hide show sponsored content
  • Time Background
  • FB UI & Twitter UI
  • Disable / Enable the Enter Key
  • Dual Mode actionbar
  • Private Mode with Password
  • Running PM
  • Video player
  • KTA (Membership Card)
  • Refresh / Reload fuel
  • Slide extra features
  • Toggle Music
  • DCSMS Calender
  • To use a dual-mode feature action bar, please click on the display-picture / analog clock
  • To disable / enable the enter key, you can use the send mode and enter mode
  • To use the feature private mode please click on the icon Blackberry on the slide, to give the password in the settings
  • For the settings, click the right arrow icon
  • For FB UI & Twitter UI features, in settings, slide slowly
  • Slide extra features, slide to the left in the settings menu, there is no Analog clock, Toggle music, Calendar, and Device information
  • KTA (Membership Card) can be changed as you like, please find related layouts
  • Running PM, update your status to be long for this feature to work
  • If you are hard to get into the profile via the menu action bar, can through the settings, click the button profile
BBM Mod V2.7.0.21
What's New:
  • Hide show sponsored content
  • Running Pm
  • Video Player
  • Icon music & notif kelap kelip
  • Slide extra features
What's New clone WP:
  • Clone Versions
  • Disable AutoRotation on Chat Activity
  • Switchable EnterKey
  • Private Mode
  • Resizeable Main bar Font Size
  • Reload BBM
  • Load Custom Font from SdCard 
BBM Mod V2.7.0.21
What's New:
  • You can try it yourself after you download and install.
BBM Mod V2.7.0.21
What's New:
  • Autorotation
  • Move to SD Card
  • Running Text PM
  • hange Font from SD Card
  • Switch Enterkey
  • Support All resolusi
  • New Color
  • New UI
  • Big DP in Profile
  • New Background
  • New Icon
BBM Mod V2.7.0.21
BBM Mod V2.7.0.21
What's New:
  • Just as the BBM-ID feature, just Re-Mod on the bubble chat.
BBM Mod MIUI Green Version v2.7.0.21 Apk
BBM Mod V2.7.0.21
 BBM Mod MIUI Green Apk
What's New: 

  • Green dominant color used. Other features almost the same.

  • BBM Mod V2.7.0.21
    What's New:
    • Shake To Clear RAM
    • New Extended Settings
    • Add Kontributor
    • Add Guide i-BBM
    • Add About i-BBM
    • Fix Other Layout
    • Check Update New i-BBM
    • Manymore
    Sekian ulasan dari admin tentang Download BBM Android Terbaru yang berjudul BBM Mod V2.7.0.21 Terbaru semoga bermanfaat bagi sobat semua dan terima kasih atas kunjungannya. jangan lupa apabila ada link yang mati atau rusak segera hubungi admin untuk ditindak lanjuti demi kepentingan bersama.

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